Staples Medium Duty Cross Cut Shredder SPL-710SH Review

A paper shredder is essential in the days of identity theft and dumpster divers trying to steal your information and get your credit card and social security information. In the age of information, any information gathered from your garbage or elsewhere could be the information that give thieves access to countless lines of credit or information about you or your family.The Staples Medium Duty SPL-710SH paper shredder does a pretty good job for all your house-hold needs, although I wouldn’t recommend it for an office.

The first thing you will notice about the Staples Medium Duty SPL-710SH shredder is its design. It is a little stylish for a paper shredder with it’s silver top and black bin. It is rather top heavy, but most shredders are. The shredder cuts up to ten sheets of paper at a time. The 5.7 gallon bin holds a ton of paper, for instance in my house-hold it’s only really used to shred mail, and it only has to be emptied about once every two or so weeks. The problem with this thing though, is it will over-heat if you use it to frequently, which is why I would not recommend it for offices or heavy-duty shredding, hence the name “Medium-Duty”.

An interesting thing about the Staples Medium Duty SPL-710SH shredder is that it does not just shred paper, it will also shred your credit cards and CDs and even has a separate slot for CDs and credit cards. This is one of my favorite features about this particular unit and one of the reasons I picked it over cheaper units. The price was about $99.99 for the shredder.

Another feature is that it comes with a “safety handle” when this safety handle is up, the power shuts off automatically and it also covers the blades, so if you happen to shred the wrong thing just lift up the handle and it can be stopped right then. The cross cut means that it cuts across the page rather then down the page, which makes it harder to piece back together documents, if not impossible.

In conclusion, the Staples Medium Duty SPL-710SH is an effective shredder for your house-hold, and any shredder is a good investment as it totally destroys any private information completely without any hope of ever piecing it back together. I would not recommend it for your office, as it does have a tendency to over-heat if over-used. The Staples Heavy Duty Shredder is probably what you want for an office, although the Medium Duty one may work in a small office setting. It has been very durable in the year that I have owned it, and I’m pleased with how it worked out for me.

Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard Review

Saitek is known primarily for their line of gaming and multimedia peripherals for the PC, most

particularly their keyboards and mice. Saitek’s Eclipse II is no different, it’s a backlighted keyboard aimed primarily towards gamers and multimedia enthusiasts with many features to try and set it apart from the competition, and is currently priced at around $60. In this review I’ll list some of the defining features of the Eclipse II, and explain what I found to be great, and what I found isn’t so great about this gaming keyboard.


Saitek’s Eclipse II has many decent features, some are somewhat unique while most are pretty standard for a gaming keyboard. Here’s a list of the most notable features:

  • Backlit/Illuminated keys
  • Various media keys
  • Backlighting brightness adjustment
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Weighted base
  • Standard 104 key layout

As you can see, the Eclipse II has quite a lot of features. Some of these could definitely use more in-depth explanation, however, and there’s a few things I feel should be mentioned.
The backlighting comes in 3 different (And switchable) colors; Blue, Red, and Pink. The backlighting is a lot brighter than most backlit keyboards I’ve seen, as the backlighting is still pretty bright even in a fully lit room.
The brightness of the backlighting can also be adjusted through a dimmer knob. Rotate it left to darken the lighting, and rotate it right to brighten it. Rotating it all the way to the left will accomplish the same as turning off the backlighting.
The Eclipse II’s multimedia keys are pretty standard; Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast forward, and volume controls. The multimedia keys work perfectly well, and they work with every media player I’ve used without any hassle.
The only issue I have with the media keys is that the volume controls are buttons, as I wish they would have used a knob similar to the dimmer knob or possibly even a scroll wheel, but this is only a minor annoyance based on my personal preference.
The wrist rest that comes with the Eclipse II is fully detachable and not too dissimilar in appearance to most wrist rests. However, the wrist rest itself is far from comfortable and seems to serve no other purpose than to take up precious desk space.
The wrist rest feels like it was made from cheap plastic and is very thin, which makes it feel very uncomfortable and provides practically no support for your wrist. Worst yet, the one that came with mine got a very large crack in it after just a month of using it, and since then I have stopped using it completely as the crack made it all the more uncomfortable.

The Feel

The keys themselves feel very comfortable and smooth, requiring little pressure to push down but still enough so that it feels like you’re actually typing, and best of all, they don’t make any loud “click-clack” sounds when typing.
I feel the multimedia keys could have used some more work, as compared to the other keys they feel a lot harder and require much more pressure to press down on. I wish they would have been made similarly to the rest of the keys instead of hard plastic.
Without a proper wrist rest, typing for long periods of time on the Eclipse II can become very uncomfortable. If you don’t find the wrist rest that comes with the Eclipse II comfortable (As I didn’t) then I would advise you get a 3 rd party wrist rest to use instead.

The Quality

Asides from the aforementioned flimsy wrist rest, the Eclipse II’s build quality is superb. After over 2 years of using it I haven’t run into any problems with its quality. Even after traveling with it, it still works perfect.
There are a few issues with the paint on the keys wearing off, but it has taken 2 years for them to start wearing out, and this is expected for most keyboards in the Eclipse II’s price range anyways.


For $60 Saitek’s Eclipse II keyboard is a pretty good deal, despite its lack of a quality wrist rest. Its features and build quality far outweigh its few shortcomings.
If you’re looking for a gaming or multimedia keyboard around the $60 price range the Eclipse II is a pretty good choice, but if you plan to use your keyboard extensively and for long periods of time, I would recommend you to either buy a 3 rd party wrist rest as well or look elsewhere.

Get Espresso Maker In Your Home Now

Making a coffee could be everyone’s cup of tea but making a professional beverage out of it cannot really be everyone’s left hand task. Did you know that now going to a coffee shop and paying high amount to get almost half the amount of cup is never required. The Espresso maker has come to market designed exclusively for home use. Espresso maker makes Espresso.  Espresso is a special type of black coffee which is thick and contains highest Caffeine per unit volume when compared to other coffee beverages.


The very first Espresso Maker was designed and patented by Moriondo form Italy in 1884. Then will the passage of time many makeshift and alternative machine came into picture that provided the same or even better quality Espresso. The word ‘Espresso’ sounds weird. It is derived from a Latin word Expressa, changing it to Express in English and then became Espresso. Espresso if tried making at home would make you end up making some other slightly varying product like Cappuccino, Moccaccino or Chococcino. So you better might want to use the Espresso Maker to do it.


Espresso maker parts:

  • Grouphead (a normal consumer Espresso Maker has one grouphead and those professional ones have anywhere between one and seven).
  • Potafilter (it is used for better retention of heat and is attached to plastic or a wooden handle).
  • Baristas(a bottomless portafilter that analyze the quality of the coffe and see to it that the extraction is done evenly).
  • Knockboxes (to keep the grounds that are used for one shot).


The Espresso has the highest Caffeine content per unit volume than most other beverages. But since it is served in very less quantity per serving, the Caffeine is kept in control.



Espresso Makers have a wide range of prices depending on the production, quality and budget. The least could do way down up to Rs. 2700 to Rs.3000. Machine are long lasting if maintained well. Consumer reviews are good and no complaining comes on the quality of the Espresso.



South Koreas Nerdy Ways

Asia is the biggest continent on earth by a significant margin, and it is full of natural resources, such as petroleum and iron. It is one of the seven continents in the world. It is one of the most extraordinary and diverse continent in terms of people and travel destinations. Additionally, it is different in Japan. Japan has at all times been a conventional place and this exceptional trait is present in every portion of the country. With the lowest crime rates in the world, it is certainly at or near the top of the list of safe places to travel.

Usually, you don’t have to bother resubmitting your website to the most important search engines after you have completed this for the very first time. You may use such a site for your internet work search and when you locate a work ad suitable to your abilities and preferences, it is possible to simply contact that hiring company. You can see a great deal of travel website in order to find out more regarding these superb travel destinations.

The other nations expect a visa upon arrival. It must be one of my favored countries. Many European nations have narrow roads and driving can be rather different and hard for Americans, for example, to get accustomed to. Korean men and women are among the nicest folks on the planet in regards to making friends. It’s a lengthy, involved and fascinating history. In the tower, you’ll find a spectacular museum containing nice selection of Japanese components.

While traveling in South Korea, visitors may enjoy many different culinary delights. Not only are you going to attract visitors to your website, but you are going to learn about the concerns and interests of possible future customers. Many attractions in the country are guaranteed to lure many different travelers. Whenever you are deciding upon the Disneyland attractions you wish to see, plan by means of a map. Firstly, before you settle on which Disneyland attractions you would like to see you have to establish the dates you’ll be at a Disneyland park.

To get To the monastery it’s a 3 day hike above Dzongiri. It requires place for one week annually in February. You’ve arrive at the appropriate place. It is among the attractive and a costly place to see. So to provide you with a bit of a push, here are a few ways that you may find working abroad opportunities.

Not only will it help your fighting off missing your house, but they could also help you become established since you’re just a whole newcomer. It’s the house for the national base-ball group, `Fukuoka Softbank Hawks’. Teaching English in Asia is a superb means to travel while building a living at the exact same moment. It’s also home to a few of the most romantic getaways on earth. Whilst obtaining a totally free apartment whilst teaching English in South Korea is a wonderful perk, many contracts hold you responsible for different fees about the housing. A few of the hotels also have started offering several kinds of discounts so that it might fit inside their demands and price range. Kumamoto hotels are offered in great array and suit to everyone’s budget.

Computers Connected To Gaming Chairs

Almost a myriad of chairs have adjustments to fit your body measurement. Ensure that you’ve got a cozy chair it’s possible to sit in for hours. To be able to enjoy these benefits, it’s important that you select the best chair. Not getting the correct chair can lead to many health issues such as neck and back strain. Whenever you’re mindful of them, it is simple to pick the ideal chair. Sometimes you’ll get a greater quality chair, but this is normally in the type of fabrics used to create the chair.

Gaming laptops are quite important for people that would want to relish their computer games even when they’re traveling. Use the search engines such as Google to offer you a lengthy collection of feasible sites where you could purchase the best gaming laptop there is. Attempt to discover the most affordable bargains on the optimal/optimally gaming laptop you will come across. Should you be thinking about how to discover the best gaming laptop that’s right for you, then you’re not alone. There are lots of people around who want to discover the best gaming laptop to suit their preferences.

Should you be a severe gamer it’s necessary that you obtain a chair that provides the comforts you require. The Gaming Chairs Online website called specializes in Lumisource Gaming Chairs only, and therefore you don’t need to trawl the website to get the chair which suits you best. As competitive online gaming gets ever more popular, building a living inside this trade gets increasingly possible (and desirable).

Whenever your chair is of the most suitable height your legs are going to be in the proper position and you are going to be capable of moving your feet freely. To steer clear of these, here are a few suggestions on how to be safe whilst sitting on the office chair. Office chairs are available in all colors. Because there are many orthopedic office chairs to pick from, it’s important you do your research initially and always be certain the chair is completely adjustable to cut back the prospect of neck or back strain.

The main reason is there are various types of chairs offered on the market and they give different choices. Your gaming chair could supply you with many advantages. Whenever you do so, you’re going to be able to locate the ideal gaming chair to satisfy your needs. Gaming chairs arrive in a range of fabrics which range from vinyl to leather. As soon as you get a computer gaming chair, it will endure for many years and is absolutely a great investment.

The chair is also quite simple assemble and can be carried out in approximately ten minutes. When these chairs aren’t exactly affordable, if buying one means being comfortable before your PC, then it is going to be well worth it in the future. They are available in attractive colors. They come in several different designs, all of which offer different features. Similarly, most workplace chairs include tension control which permits the chair in order to compensate for the various body weights of its users. A terrific video gaming chair has to be comfortableand provide the best gaming experience!

Veggies In The Rice

Some rice cookers even have the capability to modify their heat and cooking time depending on the form of rice you’re cooking. A rice cooker doesn’t necessarily accelerate the time necessary to cook rice. This rice cooker is fantastic for a little family of 2-4 people. I obtained this rice cooker for a sample to check it out and love it! My rice cooker is currently broken down. This rice cooker is among the most pursued devices in the marketplace. It is not a large-capacity cooker. However, it would make lots of stew for two people.

Some individuals love pasta (meh). It’s a simple and nutritional meal. It doesn’t just makes rice but a lot more. It is versatile having the ability to cook perfectly all kinds of rice and it is produced to last. It’s a fast and simple approach to cook your rice. Cheap, and it can’t be bad rice. This cup differs from your usual measuring cup.

In regards to raw fish, occasionally it’s just more advisable to pay a bit more for the actual thing. You may use the fish you desire, the sauce you desire, the veggies you desire. In this instance, it is best you will also attempt measuring a bit more or a little less water to both of the aforementioned measurements to get the wanted texture of your rice.

With time being a critical asset you need to move fast no matter what. Modern-day times ask for modern-day solutions. Not enough, and it’ll be chewy. Plus it’s ideal for baking. It’s easy to use and simple to clean. Just the idea of making it’s scary.

In the case when you find balcony manufacturers or suppliers which do not provide these services, you ought to be aware that finding professional installers isn’t hard whatsoever, and your very first stop ought to be construction businesses. For this reason, just by performing a very simple search, it is possible to find numerous balcony manufacturers that present their customers with a large selection of balcony design, which makes it possible for anybody to discover their ideal balcony design, no matter their existing house design or price range. It’s a very first generation product with a mechanical timer to correct pressure and temperature.

In-store offers can fluctuate. The advantage of employing a pressure cooker for a rice cooker is that you can use it in order to cook a whole lot more than just rice. Irrespective of the total design of the balcony, when selecting new product for your house you always need to consider its impact, and the way it going to modify the total look of the building, but in addition consider the practical and safety aspects. The results won’t ever disappoint. The options are endless. While nearly all the rest of the rice is utilized purely as rice, 16% of the USA produced rice is utilized in processed foods and beer. The USA provides 12% of earth rice.